Progressive Building Society invests in Start360 in Enniskillen

Pbs Edges

Start360 is delighted to announce a donation of £5,000 from the Progressive Building Society – a great investment in our continued work in Enniskillen and the surrounding areas.

Start360’s EDGES service provides earlier intervention services for young people, primarily between the ages of 13 - 17, who are on the edge of care, custody and/or education. Since the service began, EDGES has delivered over 20,000 sessions with those who use it. EDGES is funded by the Health and Social Care Board, under the Early Intervention Transformation Programme and also operates across Glengormley and East Antrim.

The team of six is based in Fermanagh House and works closely with other statutory and voluntary agencies in the area.

Start360’s Chief Executive, Anne-Marie McClure, said, ‘Thank you to our friends at the Progressive Building Society for their very generous donation. This will allow us to consolidate our work with the young people and families who are most in need of that bit of extra support.’

Marty McNutt, who manages the Enniskillen EDGES team, said, ‘We are very grateful for the support of the team at Progressive and their recognition of the impact that EDGES has been making.’

Start360 also delivers the DAISY West (in partnership with ASCERT) and VOICES West services across the Western Trust area. For more information about Start360’s services, visit